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Cuba City recognized for participation milestone

Residents of Cuba City were recently rewarded for their dedication to leading by example and working together to preserve the environment. WPPI Energy, the nonprofit power supplier for Cuba City Light & Water, recognized Cuba City for reaching a milestone of customer participation in its Renewable Energy Program. More than three percent of Cuba City Light & Water’s residential customers now purchase renewable energy through the program.

Cuba City Light & Water was recognized at WPPI Energy’s annual Building Community Connections workshop on Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2009. WPPI Energy presented a certificate of recognition to Bob Beinborn, Mayor and Gary Droessler, Director of Public Works.

“Through the voluntary use of renewable energy, everyone can contribute to a better energy future,” said Beinborn. “As a community, our contribution is only as strong as we make it. I commend the citizens of Cuba City for working together to support the use of cleaner energy sources,” said Beinborn.

Community members in Cuba City voluntarily purchase electricity from clean, green sources through the utility’s Renewable Energy Program. Customers pay $3.00 per month for blocks of renewable energy equal to some or all of their monthly electric usage. A block is the equivalent of 300 kilowatt-hours of electricity. The electricity generated for Cuba City Light & Water’s Renewable Energy Program is provided by WPPI Energy and comes from a combination of wind, biogas and solar.

Renewable energy sold through Cuba City Light & Water’s program is Green-e Energy certified. Established by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions to provide an objective standard for consumers to compare renewable energy options, Green-e Energy guarantees the quality of the renewable energy used in certified products.

“Our customers continue to understand the importance of taking action now for the benefit of our children and grandchildren,” said Beinborn. “We all share a responsibility for the long-term economic and environmental health of our community, and we will continue to do our part.”

The community’s exemplary participation level is due, in large part, to an impressive response by local citizens to a recent challenge from the Mayor encouraging residents to subscribe to the program. During the course of the challenge, citizens increased their Renewable Energy Program purchases by 168 percent.