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Cuba City Electric Uility provides access to efficiency program

As temperatures fall and energy use rises, Cuba City Electric Utility is reminding residents and businesses to take advantage of the many energy-efficiency programs and services available through the local utility and Focus on Energy.

Focus on Energy is Wisconsin utilities’ statewide energy efficiency and renewable energy program. Focus on Energy offers information, resources and financial incentives to help advance energy cost-saving projects that otherwise would not be completed.

Our partnership with Focus on Energy provides programs for residents and businesses to manage rising energy costs, promote local economic development, protect the environment, and control the growing demand for electricity. The utility offers a number of energy-saving programs and services for residential and business customers through Focus on Energy. Information about energy efficiency and renewable energy options for building a new home, choosing efficient lighting, making home or business improvements, and upgrading heating and cooling equipment is available.

Additionally, residential customers have access to cash-back rewards on the purchase of energy-efficient equipment and products. Together with [Utility Name], Focus on Energy works to identify and implement smart energy and renewable energy solutions that save money, boost productivity and reduce maintenance costs for larger business customers.

The programs and incentives are being offered in addition to an existing array of energy efficiency and conservation programs and services already available through Cuba City Electric Utility.

For more information on Focus on Energy, call (800)762-7077 or visit