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Cuba City Electric Utility’s Lineman Melvin Kreul Recognized for Service

Mike Peters, WPPI Energy CEO (far left), honors retiring Board of Directors members, including Melvin Kreul (second from left) from Cuba City Electric Utility.

Melvin Kreul was recently recognized by WPPI Energy’s Board of Directors for 23 years of dedication and service to Cuba City Electric Utility and the WPPI Energy membership.

Kreul, who has worked for Cuba City Electric Utility for 23 years, announced his retirement on February 15, 2012. During its recent Board of Directors meeting, the WPPI Energy board presented Melvin with an award of recognition for his service.

“We are honored to recognize Melvin Kreul for his commitment to the success of Cuba City Electric Utility,” said Mike Peters, WPPI Energy CEO. “Not only has Melvin done a tremendous amount of work on behalf of Cuba City’s local utility customers, but through joint-action with 51 other like-minded utilities in the WPPI Energy membership, he has provided leadership to benefit local utility customers statewide and beyond.”

WPPI Energy is the nonprofit power supplier for Cuba City Electric Utility and 50 other consumer-owned electric utilities. Through WPPI Energy, these public power utilities share resources and own generation facilities to provide reliable, affordable electricity to more than 195,000 homes and businesses in Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and Iowa.

Melvin Kreul has served as the city’s delegate to the WPPI Energy Board of Directors, where he represented Cuba City in WPPI Energy affairs and business.